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Ingredients and health effects?

Our Lashfiniti Magnetic Eye Liner contains iron oxide which rates a 2 for safety according to the EWG. There are more harmful ingredients in typical lash glue. There are absolutely no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. Iron oxide typically doesn’t cause problems even for people with sensitive skin. If you have eye problems/surgery, please consult your doctor. There are no known side effects with our magnetic eyeliner. 

Can I return these if I’m not satisfied?

Sure. If the product does not work for you we will gladly process a return. That said most of the problems we have seen from customers have to do with the customer not shaking the eyeliner and applying 2 to 3 coats of the magnetic liquid eyeliner. This is very important to achieve the best magnetic adhesion possible. If you are unhappy with your order, contact us at or refer to our return policy for additional information.

How long do lashes last?

Are lashes last approximately 30 days of constant use while our Lashfiniti Magnetic Liner lasts for up to 90 uses. The lashes should be cleaned due to Gunk getting on the magnets and strengthening the magnetic attraction with the liner.

Is the item durable?

Yes, each pair can last up to a month of daily use or more depending on how you take care of them.

Is this item easy to use?

The application is simple: apply eyeliner, let dry, and attach the lashes in place. Lashfiniti cuts falsies application time in half, eliminating the use of messy adhesives as well.

What are the dimensions of this item?

All lashes come as one standard size for the strip length but can be adjustable to your eye length by cutting it down. the length of the lashes itself is between 10mm to 14mm, depending on the style you choose.

Is the brush soft or hard?

The brush comes stiff because it’s new.

Does the lash magnetize to the corner of the eye?

Yes. Please bend the brush in the rim of the eyeliner. Also, shake the product and apply in small strokes. Apply 1 layer, let it dry and apply the second layer. They don’t have to be thick but it does have to be dry when you place the lashes and they magnetize.

How can I clean the excessive eyeliner on the magnets without damaging it?

We suggest using a Q-tip and makeup remover to clean the magnets. Can I use these with lash extensions? Yes, you can use these with lash extensions on.

What's the return policy if you're allergic or have a reaction to the liner?

We have a 30-day return policy, contact

What if you use eye drops throughout the day will they stay on?

Lashfiniti is waterproof but depending on eye drops it would need to be touched up throughout the day. but we've heard from our customers that use eye drops frequently while wearing them and have no issues. Pull your lower lid down a little and put one drop at a time and let each drop dissipate first.

Can I workout while wearing my lashes?

Yes. One of the main benefits of using our lashes is being able to work out whether that be yoga, pilates, or running.

Do they stay on if you don't have eyelashes?

They do! Our magnetic liner holds them in place as long as there is some base.

Is this safe? How is it removed?

Yes, totally safe! Can be removed with makeup remover, or comes off easiest in the shower.

Any experiences for people with hooded monolid eyes?

They work fine for monolid eyes. They stay in place just fine. However, if you do normally experience eyeliner transfer above your eyelid, the same issue might occur with our Lashfiniti liner.

Are they difficult to remove? Do you pull them off and if yes does it tear the lashes?

There is no trouble removing them. You can gently slide them off your lashes. There‘s no damage or loss of lashes with this product.

I had chemotherapy due to breast cancer and lost my hair. Would this product work for me?

Works very well. As long as the lashes have 3 or more magnets.

I’m a performer and sweat heavily on stage. Will these sweat off?

Our Magnetic Eyeliner works even on oily skin as the liner dries after a few seconds of application. The benefit of this product is that it is water resistant as well.

Would the eyeliner work with any magnetic lashes?

Yes, we have tested the eyeliner with Ardell Magnetic lashes and they work great. Although, it should work with other brands too. If you have other magnetic lashes and only need magnetic eyeliner, we do offer single magnetic eyeliner without the kit.